Everything about Mass/Weight Gainers

Mass GainersWhat is a mass gainer?

A mass gainer is a sports supplement, which is usually taken as a shake, whose purpose is to gain weight. This supplement consists mostly of carbohydrates, but they also contain protein, fat, glutamine and some even have creatine. The gainer, unlike many who think, is still a natural supplement and not doping.

Reasons to take mass gainer

This supplement is designed primarily for two types of people. On the one hand, the mass gainers are recommended for people of thin complexion, known as pure ectomorphs, who have a lot of difficulties gaining weight. This is because, no matter how much they eat, the body burns all the calories it ingests, therefore, this type of supplement is necessary because these people would not be able to ingest all the calories that their body needs to gain weight.

On the other hand, there are athletes whose purpose is to gain weight and muscle mass quickly, but in this case, it’s much more complex than it seems. At the moment you decide to take a mass gainer for this purpose, you should increase your sport routine, since you’re putting more hydrates and calories into the body than you can transform into muscle and spent energy, therefore, the rest of hydrates will stay stored, fat will accumulate and gain weight, but not healthy or athletic.

In conclusion, the gainer is a supplement that allows you to have an excess of calories for the benefit of the gain of muscle mass, carry out more intense training and stimulate muscle fibers, but if you increase calories, but don’t increase your exercise, you will only gain fat and not muscle.

When and how to use a mass gainer?

The ideal way to take this supplement is to do it at lunch and in the afternoon snack, mixed with milk or water, or instead of a meal in case you cannot make the meal with the necessary calories. It can also be used in the form of recovery and reconstruction of energy reserves and destroyed amino acids after a workout.
Finally, if after all, you have decided that a mass gainer is a supplement you were looking for and you decide to take it, always do it in a controlled way and combining it with a diet with the necessary nutrients and obviously exercise routines focused on gaining body and making you feel healthy, also you can find the best options at


The consumption of gainers is a decision that an athlete should take with caution, The person should pay attention to the components of the product on the nutrition label.

The most appropriate before opting for this type of supplement is to go to a nutritionist so that this expert indicates what is most appropriate for each individual, according to their physical conditions and health status, and the objectives set in the training plan. And it’s that many people who begin to play sports and wanna gain muscle mass quickly begin to consume this type of products without previously analyzing if they are appropriate for them, or if their use is correct.